1. Laura
    May 28, 2012 @ 1:00 PM

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I know some people ‘overtreat’ and end up with horses that nip and do not realize that they (the horse) has to do something to get the treat. I think it is about being consistent with the horse. If they perform correctly – they get a reward. It may be a treat, pat, or ‘click’.

    The key is, however, to train the PEOPLE when to give the reward. Right? The horse can only guess what we want, and if we say “YES, By jove you’ve got it!” then they will be more likely to do it again. Contrast this with a rider, trainer that says, No, wrong, uhun, nope, wrong again. After awhile the horse will not even try to do anything.

    thanks for sharing your valuable information!



  2. Nancy Degan and Cherries Jubilee
    April 28, 2012 @ 11:41 AM

    Nancy Degan, a seasoned hunter- jumper and trick horse trainer of over 30 years, is always finding new and fun ways to teach her horses. She don’t use clicker training but instead uses praise and positive reinforcement.. Nancy trained her Thoroughbred Knightline and Arabian Quarter trick horse Sterling Silver to lip synch to over 25 songs, load a video tape into the VCR, push drink selection buttons on the soda vending machine, answer and hang up the phone, rear and buck on command, play soccer, sit, sit and wave or roll the ball under his hoof, play dead, spanish walk, hug and so much more. I also show jumped him, winning over 80 championship show jumping as high as 6 ft. against top pro riders and former olympic riders. Nancy has also trained hundreds of students and their horses where they also won many championships at a rated horse shoes, both in the Mid South (Germantown, Tn.) and on the West Coast.

    Cherry and Nancy Degan were on America’s Got Talent on the L A Orpheum stage when Cherry was only 2-1/2 years old, her first tv show ever, performing a 22 step hind leg walk with a TRIPLE ballerina pirouette, finishing into a perfect bow in front of a live audience of thousands, and the audience went wild! They beat out over 50,000 acts. Cherry performs over 15 tricks , jumps as high as 3 ft, and also drives her miniature horse cart. She regularly performs and wins publicly in parades, fairs, festivals and at private celebrity events, including soecial red carpet invitations. She works regularly on set of tv shows , feature films, and commercials. We are doing new things all the time. You can see more at http://www.youtube.com/fillyndiamonds, and please visit our facebook page, “Nancy Degan and Cherries Jubilee”. They are also on http://www.Gigmasters.com/animalsforparties/Cherrypartypony.


    • Kim Wende
      November 21, 2012 @ 1:27 PM

      Nancy I loved the video of your miniature horse jumping through the hula hoops, awesome!


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