Why Should I Learn How To Use Clicker Training

Positive Reinforcement TrainingI’ve been training horses for over 35 years and this is the best and most effective way I’ve seen to communicate with your horse. With clicker training your communication becomes much clearer, your bond will deepen and you and your horse’s frustration level will be lowered.

The clicker tells your horse the exact moment they get the task done correctly that you are asking for. It can also eliminatethe behaviors you don’t want. If done properly training becomes a breeze using the clicker. At first it may seem slow, but it soon gathers momentum and before you know it your horse will start showing you all of the things they know.

There will be times when you laugh and times when you cry. I say this because I get so tickled watching my horse offer me the different behaviors and then there are times I’ve cried because my horse now has a voice and I am so proud of what they are offering.

Your horse now has a voice to show you what they can do on their own without force. If you have more than one horse you will soon find out that the other horses are begging to work with you, at least mine do. The other horses will paw at the fence and some will nicker at me. Every time you go outside your horse will want to work with you no more running away or sour looks on their face.

The tasks that you thought were complicated will now be simple using clicker training. As an added benefit the skills you learn using clicker training will work with any horse from foals to older horses. Yes you heard me right you can use clicker training with foals even the ones that are not eating grain as most love being scratched.

Clicker training really connects with a horse and it’s something that hard wires what they show you into their brain all the way down to their hooves. You and your horse will be so happy that you choose to try clicker training.

You can get amazing results in two or three 10 minute sessions a day instead of hours. Clicker training is the missing link for training a horse. Your horse will learn faster by using this method.

Do you have questions about clicker training? Let me know in the comments below.

Want to learn how to get amazing results with your horse using clicker training? Contact me today 325-261-3360 to set up your lesson. Don’t worry if you are too far away I offer online courses where you can learn from the privacy of your own back yard.

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