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What Other's Are Saying

  • "If you want to take your relationship with your horse up to a new level then signup for Kim’s Agility courses. I thought that I was going to learn a few new tricks and tips to help me towards entering agility online competitions but what I got was a whole lot more. I never thought that agility could enhance my working relationship with my horses. What a team we became. Even if you don’t want to do agility competitions, the skills you learn in this class and the deeper bonding you achieve with your horse is well worth the class. " ~Susan E.
  • "Kim has a keen observation of each animal to assess what they need, as far as where to begin their training in life-skills to work in partnership with people. I also like her holistic approach to finding out why a particular animal may be having a problem or behavior issue." ~ Susan Crozier – TX owner of Pleasant Hill Ranch
  • "Kim cares about the horses and her clients. She also has more education than most trainers will ever have. So I can find no reason what so ever why anyone would not want to work with her. They are wasting their time with other trainers! I am now endorsing Kim as an Instructor of my methods. She does know it inside and out. With her knowledge and insight, she can help many."    
    ~ Leslie Pavlich – AZ
    Author of Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse

Every horse is unique, listen and watch carefully they will tell you what they need through their non-verbal language. ~ Kim