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Hi I’m Kim Wende owner of Passionate Horsemanship. I had a question sent into me by Elisha. She said “I know friends who use various brands of ointment for cuts and scrapes. I was wondering if you had a natural recipe or affordable brand you could suggest. I would like to have one on hand and would like to suggest one to a friend who just got a horse and knows nothing about them.”

The is the natural recipe I use for my horses. I take ten parts Olive Oil with one part Tea Tree Oil and mix it together. I use Tea Tree Oil because it is a natural antiseptic, is antibacterial and anti-fungal. 

I only use Tea Tree Oil from Dynamite Specialty Products because they are a very reputable company. You have to be very careful where you get your Tea Tree Oil from because other companies might dilute it with Pine oil or other things that could be caustic or really irritating.

What’s really neat about the Tea Tree Oil is that during the summer fly’s do not like the smell of it which helps with the cuts and wounds because fly’s love to irritate open wounds.

I had a mare that ripped her shoulder open and felt it needed stitches, but because of where it was I didn’t think stitches would hold, I took her to the Veterinarian anyway.

The Vet looked at it and said “you know I will stitch her up and put staples in it too but I don’t think it’s going to hold because of where it’s at.”

The next morning it was ripped back open so I applied the Tea Tree Oil and Olive oil mixture on it and it healed up perfectly no proud flesh and it never scared.

Tip: Put it in a spray bottle if you have a place you can’t reach on your horse because the area may be to tender to the touch.

I will caution you don’t use this mixture with any other product and the reason being is because Tea Tree Oil works like DMSO. It penetrates deeply and will take other things deeply into the skin that you may not want. If you’re going to use this mixture use it by itself and don’t use anything else with it. 


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NOTICE/DISCLAIMER:  I am not a veterinarian and I do not offer medical advice to others. The following is not intended and should not be viewed as a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.  Any information provided herein comes from my personal experiences and from various companies, health care professionals and individuals who have researched and/or dealt with the health issues included in this post. Please use what feels intuitively appropriate to you, and consult with your allopathic, holistic or homeopathic veterinarian for proper diagnoses of medical issues before proceeding with the suggestions contained herein.

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  1. I can greatly sense that you have a huge love for animals and even had a vast knowledge about them. But still grateful for sharing it since I had learn so much from you.

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