Tools Needed For Clicker Training a Horse



The tools you will need for Clicker training a horse is a Clicker and a Target. The clicker is a small plastic box with a metal strip that makes a very distinct sound when pushed. I always recommend that people use a clicker to start out with because the sound is unique, later on you can make the sound from your mouth with a tongue click.   

The clicker is used to mark the desired behavior you want the instant it happens and then the treat is delivered. The sound that the clicker makes means “Yes” that is what I want. You can purchase a clicker at Petsmart or on the internet at  

The target, I use this to get the horse to touch it because later on it will come in handy to encourage the horse to move forward or towards something. You can make a target like I showed you in my video or you can use objects such as a small cone, plastic coke bottle, ball etc….  

For treats you can use small pieces of apples, carrots, grain, peppermints or you can purchase treats from your local feed store, tractor supply or purchase them online.

Want to get started clicker training your horse? Contact me today to setup your lessons. I will come to your facility or you can come to my place. 

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