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29" Miniature HorseI’ve been thinking about this for awhile now and thought I would post some thoughts on noticing the little things when working with horses such as: When you feed your horse if they paw, put their ears back or kick the stall do you still feed them right away? Did you know that you are rewarding that behavior when you do that?

I use clicker training with my horses and right now your probably asking yourself what does this have to do with the above statement well I’ve had people say that clicker teaches them to bite. I’m here to tell you it does not teach them to bite in fact you can get one to stop biting with clicker training. Do you realize that by feeding your horse when he/she offers the behaviors like I mentioned above you are enforcing that behavior by the food reward. This is why I say “Notice The Little Things”

Walking your horse from their stall to anywhere – how do they lead do they stop when you stop or do they keep going until you pull on the halter. When approaching an open gate do they go through it without you telling them to or do they wait for your instruction? Do you always lead your horse from his/her left side? Horses to be balanced need to be lead from both the right and left sides. “Notice The Little Things”!

When you go to turn your horse lose whether it be in the pasture or in his pen does he/she bolt and run as soon as you take the halter off? If so this is dangerous as the horse can wheel and kick you. I’ve seen people turn their horse lose and and immediately hit them in the rear to make them go away now why would you want your horse to leave you in that manner? “Notice The Little Things”

These are just a few things I wanted to offer for you to consider as I find it interesting when people tell me how awful their horse is…….it starts with them taking an inch and then going that full mile. “Notice The Little Things” and nip it in the bud!!!!!

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