Our program is more than just riding, it is about developing a relationship with your horse which results in a willing partnership that will help you in the show ring, the In-Hand classes, going down the trail or to have a well mannered horse that is your partner.

We start you from the ground up as the ground work exercises set the stage for riding. All of the ground work exercises will transfer to when you are riding for a safer ride which we all want. If your not into riding that is ok as there are several things you can do with horses on the ground like “Horse Agility” and still enjoy them.  

Lessons are designed so that you will have a good understanding of why you are doing a particular task. The teaching method we use is clicker training (positive reinforcement) combined with my style of Natural Horsemanship.

I will develop an easy to follow lesson plan for you and your horse so that you will both gain trust and confidence in each other. My instruction methods vary for each student as I fit the lesson to match the needs of the horse and student.

As a teacher I have your best interest at heart and I want to help you reach your horsemanship goals. Your success is my success. Thanks for your consideration in letting me help you reach your goals! Safety is a priority from the start.  


Contact us today by email or call (325-261-3360) to schedule your lesson!