5 Reasons Why Clicker Training Can Benefit Your Training Program

There are so many reasons to use clicker training that will benefit you and your horse, below I’ve listed a few reasons. I love using clicker training because it can be incorporated into most any training program. It’s great for teaching manners from the ground and is also very useful when riding. Before I started…


5 Things You Can Teach a Horse Using Clicker Training

With clicker training you can teach a horse so many things. In this post I will share 5 things you can teach your horse using clicker training. The clicker signal is a very powerful communication tool. When used properly you will get outstanding results that last. Using clicker training you can have a horse that 

Clicker Training A Horse – My horse is not interested in the target?

I’ve had this experience with my miniature donkey. Every time I presented him with the target in the beginning he would either turn his head as if to say “you’ve got to be kidding you want me to touch that” or he would walk away. I had to break things down for him to help him be successful. What…