5 Reasons Why Clicker Training Can Benefit Your Training Program

Horse Eating A CarrotThere are so many reasons to use clicker training that will benefit you and your horse, below I’ve listed a few reasons. I love using clicker training because it can be incorporated into most any training program.

It’s great for teaching manners from the ground and is also very useful when riding. Before I started using clicker training my program was based only on

using Natural Horsemanship. I had success using Natural Horsemanship, but after seeing a lady I know working with her miniature horses using clicker training and getting outstanding results I knew I had to find out more.

This lady also used Natural Horsemanship in the past and had success but I found out she wanted a better way to communicate with her horses without increasing the phases of pressure. I could totally relate to this because I too had been in the position where I had increased the phases of pressure when training my horse and I didn’t like it.

After doing some research I found others who started using clicker training because they too wanted a better way to communicate with their horse’s. Some of the people had used Natural Horsemanship and some were using traditional training methods.

What I found is that after these people started using clicker training they got outstanding results with clearer communication and deepened their relationship with their horse. I knew I had to try clicker training.

5 reasons why clicker training can benefit your training program:

  • Builds confidence in a horse 
  • Motivates the horse to perform and helps with focus
  • Makes the communication clear for the horse to understand
  • Accomplishes results faster because it speeds up the learning process
  • Empowers you with the ability to solve your horses training challenges

When working to build a horses confidence I always start out on the ground for safety reasons. I have the horse touching objects that are stationary and ones that move and make a noise like a plastic bag. They’re never forced to touch the object instead they offer to do this on their own.

There are several other things that I teach in my online course that help to build a horses confidence. By allowing it to be their idea to touch the object it really builds their confidence.

Clicker training is a very clear way to communicate with your horse and it doesn’t take long for them to understand. I love the way it keeps them focused and it speeds up the learning process. It’s very rewarding to see them offering behaviors.

I’ve been able to accomplish several tasks in a shorter period of time using clicker training and the best part is I know the horse understands what I’m asking of them. If you have limited time to work with your horse this is huge. The benefit of spending a shorter amount of time training is that you get lasting results using clicker training.

Keep in mind that using clicker training is not like waving a magic wand it takes dedication, consistency and it’s best to work with a knowledgeable trainer. You also need to work on your timing skills.

Clicker training is simple to incorporate into most training programs and can be used under saddle. I also use clicker training to start all of my ponies under harness. I’ve found that by using clicker training it has developed a deeper bond with all of my horses and my client’s horses plus they love it!

I’ve not given up all that I’ve learned through Natural Horsemanship as I still use it in my training program because it does have its benefits. The thing I’ve found with clicker training is that I don’t have to increase the pressure or phases like I did when using only Natural Horsemanship.

I invite you to give clicker training a try it will make a huge difference for you and your horse, pony, donkey or mule! Contact me today to set up your lessons.

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  1. Thank you Claudia! I agree it is the bomb. I have 3 dogs that have had some clicker training too, they love it. I would love for you to share my blog post.

  2. Great article! Clicker training is the bomb: all my kids learned it while I used ABA training with them and we now have four clicker trained “unadoptable” mutts that are loved by all.

    I will share your posts and blog on my website if that is ok with you? You give great info!

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