Rhythm Bead Necklace Review

I received some Rhythm Beads from Rhythm-n-beads. These are for my ponies and I wanted to try them and see how they work. The beads are a beautiful purple, teal, black and gold in color with a heart pendant and brass bells. This rhythm bead necklace is very well put together, the cord is very sturdy and a nice feel to the beads. I also like that it has an adjustment so that you can adjust it up and down. If I have a smaller pony I can adjust it down or let it out for a bigger pony. It also has a clip to attach to the mane to keep it from falling down.

This is what it says on the packaging “The equine rhythm beads not only enhance the natural beauty of your horse they are a valuable training aid, used to improve performance and are quickly gaining recognition and support from hunter jumpers, gaited horse riders, endurance riders, dressage riders, trail riders, barrel racers and horse trainers of all breeds and disciplines around the world.”

To me it seems like a lot of horse owners are starting to use these.

The rhythm beads encourage the horse to follow a rhythm or cadence. I like them too because of the bells. Rhythm Bead NecklaceI’ve been around places where the people that were dressed in their Arabian costume had bells on them and so do some people at parades. I’ve seen a lot of horses freak out over the sound of bells. These are great to help desensitize your horse to the sound of the bells.

I’ll be trying the rhythm bead necklace on my ponies and see how they do. I’ll show you how I get my ponies used to the rhythm beads in another video. My ponies have not had the rhythm beads on them before. If you get some rhythm beads don’t just go out there and put the beads on them and think that everything is going to be OK because they may go bezerk.

I really like what I see in this necklace the beads are beautiful! I love the brass bells and the way it’s put together. I’ve not seen another rhythm bead necklace with this type of adjustment on them, if there is I just haven’t seen them.

I would love to know have you tried rhythm beads on your horse? If you have how did they do? Leave me a comment below.

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