Trace Mineral Concentrate – Review

Trace Mineral ConcentrateTrace Mineral Concentrate is a product from Dynamite Marketing it has unique healing agents with a full spectrum of trace minerals. It is used topically to help stop bleeding. You can also take it internally to support the immune system.

I’ve used this product for several years on my family, my horses and dogs. I always carry it with me cause I never know when I might need it to stop bleeding. I’ve introduced it to my friends and now they all have a bottle too. Here are some of the things I’ve used the Trace Minerals for:

A friend of a friends horse cut it’s back leg and blood was squirting out with every beat of the heart. Once I applied the trace minerals it stopped the bleeding.

I’ve also used it when I’m preparing a stallion to be gelded. What I do is place it on their feed three days before and then for a week after the procedure. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve found there to be very little if any bleeding plus it helps to keep the¬†swelling¬†down. The added benefit is that it helps with any infection because it supports the immune system.

For my family we’ve used it for sore throats, cuts and if we feel like were coming down with something I start taking it internally. I’ve also used it before any dental procedures. I love this product and won’t be without it and I highly recommend you get some and try it yourself… works!

I’m a distributor with Dynamite Marketing, but I would not recommend this product if I did not get great results which I have and I wanted to share it with you. Want to order your bottle click here.

**I’ve not been paid nor have I received this product in exchange for this review.

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