eZall Total Body Wash Review

eZall Total Body Wash is a fantastic product. I’ve been using this product on my horses and dogs for several years now. I like the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, and is plant-based so I don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals entering into my animals systems and doing damage over time and it’s great for the environment. It is so easy to use I just spray it on my horse or dog let it set for about five minutes to do its job (no scrubbing) then I rinse them off.


The total body wash is amazing the way it loosens dirt without having to scrub your animal. All you have to do is fill the foamer with the recommended amount of Total Body Wash attach the hose turn on the water and suds down the animal. If your horse has spots that are stained you will need to leave it on for longer than five minutes.


When it comes to washing their faces I always use a sponge because I don’t like spraying it in their faces. Yes I’ve seen people do this to their horse and although this product won’t hurt their eyes I don’t do it. I’m always thinking about how the horse feels. How would you like it if someone sprayed you in the face with water and made you stand still? The other thing I am always concerned about is if water gets down inside their ears it could cause a major problem.


So just remember when you spray them down leave it on for at least five minutes, but if your horse is really dirty or has deep stains then leave it on longer. If you just spray it on and then immediately rinse your horse off your not going to get the results that are mentioned. This product does work, but you have to follow the directions. This is a product I highly recommend it will save you time!

**I’ve not been paid nor have I received this product in exchange for this review.

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