See How Easily You Can Put Hay in a Haynet


Don’t you hate struggling to put a flake of hay into a haynet? Seems like no matter how you hold it or where you put it the flake just does not want to go in the net. Sometimes you wind up wearing some of the hay not only in your hair but down your blouse. I know I’ve lost my patience before trying to get a flake of hay in the opening.

After struggling with haynets I knew there had to be a better way. At first I opened them between the handles of the wheelbarrow then I tried putting a clip on one side holding the other side and slipping the hay into the net. Doing the latter was harder as you have to have your hay close enough to pick up and hold the net with the other hand. One day I decided to open the net inside a muck bucket. That worked great. It is so handy as it keeps the net open perfectly and allows me use of both my hands.

I really do like the slow feeder haynets. The horses have to work at getting the hay out of the nets which keeps them busy plus the hay last longer. Keeping food in their belly really helps to buffer the acid they produce.

Do you have any tips for putting hay into a haynet? If you do please leave your comments below.

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