Cost of Owning A Horse or Pony

Horse And PonySo you want a horse or a pony, well there are several factors to consider before rushing out to make the purchase.

#1 – What are you planning on doing with your new equine partner? Trail riding, driving competition, show ring competition or a safe pony for the kids and remember ponies are not just for kids.

There are a growing number of adults who are getting into ponies and miniature horses because they cost less to feed and they are easier to handle. If you would like to get into the competition side of things have you researched that out to find how much show fees, equipment, clothing and such will cost? 

#2. – Will you be keeping this new equine partner at home or will you board? If you are keeping them at home what type of pen do you have is it safe, is it close to the highway, is there dogs running lose in your area,……. If you are going to board have you checked out boarding facilities to see if they have openings or is there a waiting list, what do they charge, is it full or partial board, what all is included in the board fee, is there a place to work your horse, what are the other boarders like etc…..

#3. – What kind of price do you have in mind? Just remember that cheap does not mean safe, trained or healthy. I’ve seen people purchase horses because they were cheap only to find out it had major health problems, it was a bucker, bolter etc….. There are people out there who will not tell you the truth about the horse which is really sad as an animal this large can really hurt you.

#4. – After you decide what you want to do with your new equine partner, where you will keep them and how much you are wanting to spend then you are ready to start shopping around. Where do you start? Well you can start by looking at local newspapers ads, ask friends who already have horses or look online.

If you are going to look at rescues or auctions I would highly recommend that you take an Equine Professional with you. Also when shopping make sure you don’t purchase the first horse or pony you come across and don’t shop by color alone as I’ve seen people do this before and it turned out to be the wrong choice based on color alone.

Did you know that 80% of first time horse owners sell their horse within two years or less because they become overwhelmed, frightened or unprepared for what happens or do not know how to work with their horse safely!  

Let me ask you this: Do you want to be one of the 80%? I have more information to share with you regarding this topic in the class that I teach on “Buying A Horse”.  If you would like to schedule a class or learn more about what I have to offer be sure to visit my website page on “Buying A Horse”

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