Trace Mineral Concentrate – Stops Bleeding

Trace Mineral ConcentrateThis is one of the most amazing holistic products I’ve used to stop bleeding and is a product I will not be without in my first aid kit!  TMC or Trace Mineral Concentrate has stopped bleeding in several horses I’ve worked with.  This topical holistic product helps to stop bleeding immediately and is made up of pure trace minerals.

I used it on a horse that had punctured a small hole in his back leg and with every beat of the heart blood was squirting out, the TMC instantly stopped the bleeding.  I’ve also used this 3 days prior to having a horse gelded and for 3 days after surgery in their feed as I have found that it aids in the horse healing faster and there is hardly any bleeding.  

It has been used on wounds also as TMC will really help to heal the wound from the inside out. I’ve even used the TMC on myself for such things as cuts to stop the bleeding, put on a tooth that is hurting because if there is infection this has cleared it up and I’ve also used it to gargle with for a sore throat.  

You can put it on razor nicks, mosquito bites, poison ivy, ear infections, or even larger injuries like surgery incisions (always consult with your Veterinarian or Health professional) and it even helps to fight infection.

To order your bottle of Trace Mineral Concentrate visit my Dynamite Website to place your order.  This is one product you can’t afford to be without!

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  1. Tried to find your trace mineral concentrate for quick stop bleeding on your site and cannot find or bring it up . How can I find it?? Thanks

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