Feeding Horses From A Round Bale

If you feed your horses by peeling hay off of a round bale this simple tip may help you out. I hate it when I cut the netting off and the hay starts falling all over the place. Before you cut the net all the way off do this, cut the top portion of the net then take a long piece of twine and place it around the top of the round bale and tie it off.

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  1. Great advice Kim –

    Our round bales have twine and no netting. I cut the twine off to avoid the twine getting wrapped around a horse’s pastern.

    Thanks for the tip….


    1. Some of the round bales we got in the past had twine and we would remove it also, but now all of them have netting. I peel the hay off of the round bale and put it into slow feeder hay nets so I had to come up with something to keep the hay together. It’s a great reminder to cut the twine off so it doesn’t get wrapped around the horses pasterns. Thanks for posting. ~Kim

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