This Horse Picked Me!

Section A Welsh PonyI’m sure some of you have had this happen before where a horse picks you. It is truly an awesome feeling. The horse you see in the picture is a Section A Welsh pony stallion. I had no intention of buying him but he picked me so I took him home.

When I decided to get a Welsh pony stallion I did my research and found a Section A stallion I wanted he was a sorrel with a blaze face and 3 white stockings.

I drove 5 hours to see this stallion and when I arrived I was taken out to the pasture where he was with several other young stallions and geldings. The herd was at the pond standing under a tree. We parked up on a little hill that was close to the pond. There was 4 of us in the car and we all got out.

I was standing there looking at the one had picked out from the website and noticing the others in the group too. I wanted to give them a little time to get comfortable with our presence and hopefully they would move around some as I wanted to see this young stallions movement. Now just a little insight these ponies had not been handled much at all so they were standoffish.

I decided to squat down and get in a more comfortable position. It was not long before I felt what I thought was someone touching me on the shoulder. I turned to see who it was and it was the stallion you see in the picture above.

I knew right then that this stallion was going home with me as he had left the herd. Out of all the people he could have went to he picked me. I asked the other people if he had come up to them and they all said no he went right for you.

This is the interesting part after I got him home I let him settle in for a few days then I went to work with him. Now he had never been in a stall with a run before as he was born out in the pasture and that is where he stayed. This stallion acted like he had been born in a stall at my barn, he was so willing to work with me. Like I said before this was such an awesome feeling.

So tell me have you ever had this happen with a horse before? If so leave me a comment and tell me about your experience.

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  1. How awesome is this! Horses are a very smart animal for sure. They “feel” us as we do them. They also feel your fear as I found out many moons ago! LOL. Learned alot since then. Love your tips and sharing..Thank you Kim~

  2. I can’t say for 100% that my horse Majic picked me per se, but he did decide I was his and he wouldn’t let me sell him. For the first 2 or 3 years I had him, all I wanted to do was sell him. He was plain and I was young (and dumb) enough to want more flash. After having him a few years and really bonding with him, no money could have bought him. About 3 or 4 years before he died, I didn’t think I was able to handle dealing with his death. He was getting older and I just didn’t want to face it, so I was going to sell him. I told myself I’d sell him to a good home who could afford to take care of him in his “golden” years better than I could. He wouldn’t let me sell him though. I could do anything, go anywhere with him, but when someone else tried to test ride him, he’d run away with them or try to flip over backwards with them. I’d get back on him and he was the perfect gentleman again. Needless to say, he spent his last years with me. He taught me what true love, maturity, and loyalty is… Being there for them until the end. That’s why he was my “horse soul mate”. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share… :-)

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