Nervous about walking behind my horse


I had someone ask me the following question: “How do I get over being nervous when walking behind my horse?” I asked this person if their horse had given them a reason to be nervous and the reply was “No”. They told me it was just them as they are nervous about doing this. 

Start at the shoulder pet your horse and keep your hand on the horse the entire time. If your worried about walking behind them then go way behind them to get to the other side. After crossing behind themapproach the horse at the head. Do not approach them at an angle from the rear to the shoulder. When your feeling confident then keep your hand on the horse talking to them the whole time then walk around staying close behind them.

When your at the hindquarters if you have to stand there for a little bit it’s ok. Do one of the following to relax whistle, sing, breathe. Remember a horse can tell when you are nervous. Keep your hand on the horse the whole time because if something happened and went wrong you would be able to push off the horse and get away from them. I keep my hand on her and walk around, I’m petting on her to let her know where I am at all the time. Again if you are a little bit worried to build up your confidence go way behind them more than an arms length away because if they were to kick you don’t want them kicking you.

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