Horse Agility The Benefits

Wow, there are so many benefits to Horse Agility, where to begin as it is so varied. Anyone can compete from the novice to the most advanced horse owner. You can compete on an international level and do this from your back yard which saves you time by not traveling and money! All you have to have for your horse is a halter a lead and a few simple obstacles which I will go over soon in another blog post.

How will Horse Agility benefit the handler?

  • Develops your leadership skills
  • Develops skills for problem solving
  • Meet like minded people and have fun!
  • Don’t have to own a horse to get involved
  • Helps you to get clear with your body language
  • Creates a strong bond between you and your horse
  • Develops your confidence in handling your horse
  • No fancy tack is needed which saves you money
  • Helps handlers improve their communication skills and relationship from the ground which transfers to being in the saddle.




How will Horse Agility benefit the horse?

  • Teaches patience
  • Develops confidence and curiosity
  • Helps to improve their balance
  • Learn to wait on you for their cue.
  • Keeps your horse mentally sharp
  • Prepares young horses for saddle training
  • It is a great way to keep your horse tuned up during the winter
  • Great for horses that can’t be ridden because of age or physical problems as it develops manners. It also helps those that are for sale to be more marketable improving their chances for a great home.

What some of my students have said after taking my online Horse Agility courses.

“It has improved our relationship and communication. The course is engaging, challenging, and fun for both horse and human! Kim explains things well and her voice overs are very helpful for pointing out areas to work on and things we are doing well.” ~Tia Fagan
“If you want to take your relationship with your horse up to a new level then signup for Kim’s Agility class.  I thought that I was going to learn a few new tricks and tips to help me towards entering agility online competitions but what I got was a whole lot more. I never thought that agility could enhance my working relationship with my horses. What a team we have become. Even if you don’t want to do agility competitions, the skills you learn in this class and the deeper bonding you achieve with your horse is well worth the class.” ~Susan Engle



Horse Agility is only for those who are afraid to ride!

Some people think that Horse Agility is only for those who are afraid to ride! This may be true for some people but there are those who do ride and choose to do this because of the benefits it produces for both the handler and the horse. There is no shame in those who have a fear of riding as Horse Agility gives them a fun place to go and for some it gives them their life back with horses. Also some of those individuals have gained enough confidence to start riding again! It does not matter if you ride or not Horse Agility creates a rock solid partnership that will last a lifetime!

Want to develop confidence in your horse? Get signed up for my online clicker training course today!

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