Clicker Training For Trimming Ears

In my opinion positive reinforcement (clicker training) is the most powerful communication tool for training that is out there. I’ve seen some amazing results with all of my horses plus my clients horses. I’ve used positive reinforcement training successfully with horses that were frightened, abused, had behavioral issues and with those that did not have any issues.

With clicker training horses offer a behavior which is then reinforced with the sound of a click and a treat, that hard wires it from their brain to the hoofs unlike other methods that basically force the horse into doing a certain task.

With clicker training I’ve found that all the horses I’ve worked with learn faster because the communication is so clear. Imagine this you are in a foreign country and someone there has something that allows the communication between you two to be very clear and you fully understood what they wanted you to do would you not be interested or would you rather have them push you around, swing a stick or rope at you to get you to do something?

Honestly I can’t imagine why people would not want to investigate clicker training further. Be sure to watch the videos below as this horse had to be twitched by his owner (he is not twitched in the video) to have the hair on the inside of his ears clipped for the show ring. You will see the before and after results.


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