Turning A Horse Out Safely



This is how I turn a horse out into a lot or pasture safely. I see so many people that turn a horse loose by letting that horse pull away from them and some will pop the horse on the rump to see them run. By allowing the horse to pull away from you it does not allow you enough time to step back away out of the kick zone and when people slap them on the rump that just teaches the horse to pull away more as they know they are going to get slapped.

When turning a horses loose I untie or unbuckle the halter then I pull them towards me in a circle getting the head and neck to bend towards me, I then turn them loose and immediately step back out of the kick zone.  Make sure when you are doing this that the path behind you is clear for you to step back as you would not want to trip and fall backwards over something.  This is a great habit to get into as it will keep you safe and it sets you and your horse up for success instead of developing a bad habit of pulling away from you.  

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