What Can You Do With A Pony

Mister Shetland Pony GeldingI’ve heard people say things like what can you do with a pony or ponies are for kids.

I’m here to tell you that they are not just for kids as I am seeing a trend of Baby Boomers getting ponies as they are easier to handle, cost less to feed, can be kept in a smaller area and when riding they are closer the ground.  

There are several events that adults can compete in with ponies and have a great time. 



Things you can do with ponies are:

  • can be ridden by small adults
  • trained to pull a cart for pleasure or the show ring
  • competition driving for events such as CDE’s (combined driving events)
  • gaming with the pony pulling a cart – barrel racing, pole bending
  • the newest sport is Agility with horses no matter the size

I know of a 13.1 Welsh pony (Flying Diamond The Bailef) that has competed successfully with an adult in the Extreme Cowboy Race, is a National Champion Hunter, National Champion Western Pleasure Pony, has wins in ACTHA and Dressage. There are several adults showing ponies successfully in the show ring from the In-Hand events like Showmanship, Hunter, Jumper, and Trail.

If you would like to learn more about ponies and how you can get involved with them contact me today as I can help you find the pony of your dreams. I train miniatures and ponies plus I give lessons, clinics and offer online classes.

Videos Below

Barrel Racing

Driven Dressage

CDE (Competitive Driving Event)

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