Training services offered? 

When your horse is accepted in for training I require that you the owner be involved with the training process. I teach you how to effectively communicate with your horse so that you will gain confidence, feel safe and develop a trust-based relationship. Leadership does not transfer therefore it is very important that you learn how to work with your horse so that you will be successful. Miniatures, ponies and full sized horses are accepted for training.

Training Approach 

**Attention: All horses must have a current coggins, current hoof trim, sound and in good health. Vaccinations must be given 30 days prior to coming to our facility no exceptions! Training contract and liability release form must be completed before training begins.   

Ground Work Only  

“I chose Kim as a trainer because of the gentle Horsemanship methods she uses. The fact that she handles each horse according to it’s personality, and doesn’t try to train them all with the same technique, as all horses are different. Some are aggressive, some are timid. The training method should fit the horses personality.”  ~Pat Buckner, Anson, TX