Email, Phone or Video consultations are available to those who have questions about training their horse or on using holistic products.

Email your question to me, the first question is $15 (additional questions are $5 each) – $15
** I’ll get back to you within 48 hours

Email Coaching
One Question $15.00 USDTwo Questions $20.00 USDThree Questions $25.00 USD

Phone Consultation
30 minutes $20
45 minutes $30
60 minutes $45

** I will contact you within one business day to schedule your consultation

Phone Coaching
30 minutes $20.00 USD45 minutes $30.00 USD60 minutes $45.00 USD

Video Consultation
30-minute session includes a (10 or 15-minute video plus the phone consultation) $30

60-minute session includes a (15 to 30-minute video plus the phone consultation) $60

Video the issue you need help with then send me the link for review.

You can upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. If you want to make the video private go to either of the pages to learn how… Vimeo or YouTube

Email me with a list of your questions in regards to the issue you are having. I will schedule a phone consult with you after I’ve reviewed your video and read your questions.

Video Coaching
30 minutes $30.00 USD60 minutes $60.00 USD