Want to learn how to train your horse instead of sending them to a trainer and be able to get the results you desire without using force, fear, or intimidation? 

Maybe you watched the DVD’s, read lots of books or attended some clinics, but you’re still not getting the results you want!

Perhaps you don’t have access to the type of trainer you want or to a trainer who will work with you and your horse; focusing on teaching you the things you want to know to communicate more clearly with your horse to establish a willing partnership instead of getting in a battle.

Some don’t have access to the type of training they desire; especially within a short driving distance and some may have time restraints. 

If this describes you, virtual lessons may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Regardless of where you live I can help you train your horse to get the results you want without using force, fear or intimidation.

Benefits of virtual training:

  • Highly personalized lessons designed specifically for you and your horse. All from the privacy of your own home.
  • Your own horsemanship coach; a horse trainer with over 40+ years of experience working with horses is available to help you get the results you want.
  • Video coaching helps you develop your horsemanship skills in an easy-to-understand, systematic, step-by-step approach.
  • The ability to actually see yourself working with your horse (via video) makes it easier for you to understand what your coach is explaining. You’ll be amazed at how effective video coaching is and how it accelerates learning!
  • Results that last because your horse is learning to respond to you, not the trainer.
  • No trailer or travel required (saves you time and money). All you need is a video camera or smartphone with video capability and a desire to learn.

How It Works:
1. Make a short video (10 to 15 minutes) of you working with your horse and let me know what you are trying to accomplish and what you want help with.
2. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and set it to private then email me the link.
3. You will receive either an audio recording or video response providing feedback and personalized instruction. You’ll be able to watch your video while listening to me as I coach you through the lesson.
4. I am available via email if you have additional questions, and telephone coaching is an available option.

*If you want Virtual Coaching without submitting a video that can be done by Phone coaching although I highly recommend video coaching for best results.