A limited number of horses, ponies or miniatures are accepted for full-time training reserving spots for students dedicated to using the Passionate Horsemanship training methods.

Owners must take weekly lessons when the horse is in training with me. Respect does not transfer you and your horse has to learn together in order to build trust and have that connection for a willing partnership.  

An initial consultation for new clients is mandatory to gain a better perspective of your needs and goals for you and your horse.

I use positive reinforcement when working with horses. Each horse is treated as an individual because each horse learns differently some learn faster and others need more time.  

I look at the whole horse including, but not limited to:

  • balance
  • hoof care
  • dentistry
  • saddle fit
  • proper nutrition

I WILL NOT push a horse faster than I believe is beneficial. I train so that the horse enjoys the sessions, is kept sound and will be a success over the long haul. There are no quick fixes or 30-day wonders that is not doing justice to the horse!!