“I find Kim to be an extremely knowledgeable and capable horsewoman. Not only can she accomplish outstanding results with the horses she trains, but she really is passionate about helping others achieve great results with their horses as well. There may be many out there who can train horses, but not everyone is a good teacher. Kim has a natural ability to break things down into easy steps, making it easier for students to learn. While Kim teaches horse training techniques, she takes great care in going beyond techniques alone. Kim wants to help her students increase their horse sense, so they can truly connect with and communicate more effectively with their horse. Kim is also very generous in sharing her knowledge in the area of holistic horse keeping, which has been very helpful to me in caring for my horses in more natural ways.” ~Leslie H. of Elgin, TX


“Kim has an extreme ability to care about what she is doing more than most people. She is very passionate about horses and likes to get it right. Kim cares about the horses and her clients. She also has more education than most trainers will ever have. So I can find no reason what so ever why anyone would not want to work with her. They are wasting their time with other trainers! Better to just start with the best. Kim takes very good care of the horses and gives them the best education possible. I am now endorsing Kim as an Instructor of my methods. She does know it inside and out. With her knowledge and insight she can help many.” ~ Leslie Pavlich – AZ Author of Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse


“Kim is very kind and trustworthy and that is a rare asset in the horse training world. I know I could trust Kim to be honest about a horse and his suitability for what I was looking for him to do. She is kind to her animals. I know I could expect them to be loved and cared for and get a lot of one-on-one time with her…not her helper or assistant. I value the most her training of kids horses…because I know if she says a 2-year-old child can easily handle a particular horse…I can take that statement to the bank. There are too make “Kids” horses floating around out there that are in no way safe mounts…not the horses or kids fault at all. Kim is always 100% honest about her horses.”  ~ Bobbi Kay Bowen – TX Star Struck Miniatures u0026amp; American Shetlands


“Kim’s horses are friendly, happy and well adjusted. You can walk up to anyone of them and they want to come and visit with humans. Her animals are well cared for, fed well, and she offers a full desensitizing program that is methodical and safe.”  ~Denise Hinder – TX


“Kim puts excellent ground manners on them and it makes a good foundation for everything else in their lives, like getting them started under saddle. Kim trained a mare of mine that was over reactive on everything but after she had her, she was respectful and all I had to do was point my finger and she would move! Some other trainers are rough and bully the horse to do what they want but Kim is patient and she truly enjoys working with the horses and seeing the “light bulb” go on and the progress that they make.”   ~Thernora Camillo – Abilene, TX


“Kim has a keen observation of each animal to assess what they need, as far as where to begin their training in life-skills to work in partnership with people. I also like her holistic approach to finding out why a particular animal may be having a problem or behavior issue.”  ~ Susan Crozier – Eastland, TX owner of Pleasant Hill Ranch


“I chose Kim as a trainer because of the gentle Horsemanship methods she uses. The fact that she handles each horse according to it’s personality, and doesn’t try to train them all with the same technique, as all horses are different. Some are aggressive, some are timid. The training method should fit the horses personality.”  ~Pat Buckner – Anson, Tx


“If you want to take your relationship with your horse up to a new level then signup for Kim’s Agility class. I thought that I was going to learn a few new tricks and tips to help me towards entering agility online competitions but what I got was a whole lot more. I never thought that agility could enhance my working relationship with my horses. The backing, forequarters over and disengagement of hindquarters become so precise you never thought that it was possible. Imagine backing your horse through cones and zig zags patterns. Mind boggling? Yes it is but it is so possible and you can get your horse to actually take a ½ step of forequarters over and a ½ step for disengagement of hindquarters for some of the precision you will need to finish the exercises.

It is amazing to be a part of this and watch your horses maneuver their bodies and feet. Ripley and Mya actually waited for my next instructions for the backing exercises as they knew they couldn’t do it without me. What a team we became. Even if you don’t want to do agility competitions, the skills you learn in this class and the deeper bonding you achieve with your horse is well worth the class. I am signing up for the next agility class and Ripley, Mya and I can hardly wait until we are presented with the training and the next exercises. It is so challenging and fun for all of us.”  ~Susan Engle – MT


“My horse and I have enjoyed the agility course that we have taken with Kim. Her course has helped us focus on things we may not have ever tried. It has also improved our relationship and communication. The course is engaging, challenging, and fun for both horse and human! Kim explains things well and her voice overs are very helpful for pointing out areas to work on and things we are doing well. I look forward to taking more agility courses from her and to continue learning and possibly competing in the future with her teaching and guidance.”   ~Tia Fagan


Kim Wende offers so much more than horsemanship training. Her deep understanding of horse communication and years of experience allows her to deliver an empowering experience that cannot be explained by words. She has the unique ability to tune into your personal strengths and create a simple, safe yet highly effective communication method customized to your needs and the personality of the horse. The results are amazing, because the techniques are based on her deep understanding of horses, respect and gentle communication. I cannot recommend Kim enough because she has given me so much more than horsemanship lessons. Her attention to detail was unparalleled and she has given me self-confidence and a renewed love of riding. Thank you Kim for caring so much! ~Catherine