Would You Like to Compete in a New and Exciting Horse Sport Without Riding?


Horse Agility Susan with RipleyHorse Agility has become a popular competitive sport in Europe and is now available in the USA.  

All breeds and sizes welcome from miniatures to full sized horses even donkeys and mules.


You don’t have to compete to learn horse agility, but if you choose to do so the opportunity is available. 

Horses and handlers compete on the ground through an obstacle course. Good horsemanship and communication are very important and apply at all levels!

The lower level’s are judged and higher level’s are scored on a combination of the judge’s impression and against the clock. 

Horse Agility is a great way to have fun with your horse without having to ride. It is great for horses that are:

  • unable to be ridden because of physical problems
  • too small for the owner to ride
  • too young to be ridden
  • being prepared to pull a cart with the In-hand driving competition

It is also great for people who can’t or don’t want to ride and even for those who ride but want to improve their communication and ground handling skills. This sport gives everyone the chance to compete without having to ride. You won’t have to spend hours grooming and preparing your horse like you do for the show ring and you don’t have to have the expensive tack and show clothes.

Agility Obstacles – there are a variety of obstacles for the horse to complete. Agility tests their physical as well as emotional fitness and tests your ability as a handler to keep your horse traveling safely over the course effectively and with style.

How can you get started? To learn how to do horse agility you can take lessons (at my facility or yours), host a clinic or get signed up for my online courses. Soon you will be able to try your hand at the online competitions. Each month there will be an online video competition that you can do in your own back yard.