Improve Your Competitive Edge

Want to improve your competitive edge? 

If you’re serious about improving your competitive edge, consider trail obstacle training (TOT). Trail obstacle training will benefit you and your horse, regardless of your chosen discipline.

Trail obstacle training (TOT) improves your communication skills and builds a strong cooperative partnership between you and your horse. By developing your horse’s confidence, working from the ground at first ensures much greater success in the saddle.

What are some of the benefits for the equestrian?

  • Great for people who want an alternative approach to working with their horse that is fun and rewarding.
  • Helps increase rider confidence and safety as you build a better and stronger relationship with your horse.
  • Perfect activity for those who can’t or don’t want to ride anymore – You can still have fun and compete with your horse!
  • An activity that even children can participate in it’s great for the whole family!

What are some of the benefits for the horse?

  • Keeps your horse mentally sharp especially during the winter when you can’t ride
  • Prepares young horses for saddle training
  • Great for ponies or mini’s that are too small to be ridden by adults
  • Great for horses that can’t be ridden because of age or physical problems
  • Builds your horse’s confidence and trust before you ride

The type of trail obstacle training (TOT) I teach is not your typical type of training it’s about having a horse who wants to cooperate with you. No force, fear or intimidation is used to get them over, through or around an obstacle.

What's your biggest question about improving your competitive edge?