Holistic Wellness Support Consultation (all sessions must be scheduled and pre-paid)

I’m available by phone, email or in person. 

1/2 hour by phone $45
Hour by phone $65 (can be split into 2 sessions)
Email consult $45 (up to 2 questions addressed per email consult)
In-Person Visits: Hour $75 (the first 20 miles are included and anything over that is $.50 per mile)

**As a client you receive a 10% discount on all related products to support your horse or dog.

If your animal is having a medical emergency contact your veterinarian immediately!

I’ll assist you with holistic nutrition and wellness suggestions for your horse or dog. I can also guide you in transitioning from traditional to a more holistic approach.

My intention is to help horses and dogs achieve a state of harmony and balance in the body, mind, and spirit along with working through areas of tension. I’ll also help you save time, money or know what to do before the veterinarian arrives.

Nutritional Counseling – having the right diet for your animal is very important so that they’ll be healthy, happy and live the longest life possible. If they don’t have the proper diet it will cause behavioral or health issues. Every animal is unique and has different needs. Muscle testing will help to determine exactly what is needed for your animal.

Crystal Therapy – is beneficial because it can help on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. They are used to enhance the well-being and happiness of the animal.

Color Therapy – Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a non-invasive energy modality. It utilizes color to assist the animal heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Every color emits its own energetic vibration. Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy.

Flower Essences – Flower essence remedies are liquid infusions made from flowers in the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach, who pioneered flower remedies in the 1930s. Flower essences help support emotional balance and well-being.

Aromatherapy (Essential Oil) – is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to balance, harmonize and promote physical and psychological well-being. The use of essential oils is used to complement and assist in the balance of the body, mind, and emotions.

Muscle Testing is used to determine the best product or plan for your animal. It’s a noninvasive method used to determine the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs, energy blockages, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities.

Photonic Light Session – This is an advanced method of acupuncture without needles for people and animals. Photonic therapy uses light to stimulate recognized acupuncture points. It involves a safe, low-frequency red light (not laser) that is painless and non-invasive. It stimulates the body’s ability to heal. **In-person only

Bio-Energy Analysis – This is a technique developed by Dr. Regan Golob for animals to energetically balance the body. The technique removes energy blockages and allows for balanced energy to flow throughout the animal’s body. **In-person only

Nutritional Reflexology – is a very effective way to determine where there is a nutritional energy imbalance that may be playing a part in your horse’s health. There are various energy reflex points on the horse’s body and when pressure is applied it can cause a huge reaction meaning that the body energy is out of balance. When the body energy is rebalanced the horse will have no reaction to the point when pressure is applied. Nutritional Reflexology is a great way to determine if your nutrition program is working. **In-person only

How to Schedule a Consultation
To schedule a consultation please fill out the intake form and return to me by email. Please include a picture of your horse from both sides (full side view without a blanket). If I’ve personally seen your horse no picture is needed unless requested.

DISCLAIMER:   I am not a veterinarian and I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or offer medical advice.  My services are limited to guidance and alternative approaches to animal wellness based on 20+ years of personal experience and knowledge gained through industry experts I have worked with or studied under.  The following is not intended and should not be viewed as a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.  Please consult with your allopathic, holistic or homeopathic veterinarian for proper diagnoses of medical conditions.