Nutritional Reflexology

Is your horse deficient in certain vitamins and minerals?

How is their digestion?

Did you know that Nutritional corrections will often give you back the horse you always knew you had?  

Nutritional Energy Reflexology is a very effective way to determine where there is a nutritional energy imbalance that may be playing a part in your horse’s health.

There are various energy reflex points on the horse’s body and when pressure is applied it can cause a huge reaction meaning that the body energy is out of balance. When the body energy is rebalanced the horse will have no reaction to the point when pressure is applied.  

I use Nutritional Energy Reflexology with all new horses and then re-check them after 60-120 days. All of the horses are put on a good nutritional program by starting them out with only the basics, although there can always be exceptions in special cases.  After 60 to 120 days on the basic nutritional program or any nutrition program of your choice, nutritional energy reflexology is one of the best ways to determine if the desired balance has been achieved.  

I offer this service at your farm or mine. If you would like an evaluation of your horse please contact me to schedule an appointment.


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