Herbs and Goats Milk Saved My Son

I got involved with holistic methods and products in 1988. My baby boy was in the Doctor’s office every other month and was vomiting up any type of milk he ate from breast milk to formula.

The doctor said that he would probably need to be operated on which really upset me. After being told that I called my mom and she suggested that I go to the health food store so I did. 

There I met a man by the name of Bill Graves, I told him what was happening and what the doctors said, he told me to switch him to fresh goats milk and also suggested 2 different herbs to put in his milk. He also balanced my son’s energy.

Goats Milk and Herbs

I went that day and got some fresh goats milk and put the herbs in his bottle. From that day forward he NEVER vomited up any milk and the trips to the doctor’s office quit because he became very healthy.

After seeing what a difference the herbs and energy work did for my son I decided I would get more involved in learning about the holistic methods and products for humans and also for horses and I’ve never looked back.