Online Learning

Learn How To Train Your Horse Using Positive Reinforcement……Why because

  • It accelerates the learning process.
  • It will build confidence in your horse.
  • Will greatly enhance your current training program.
  • Your horse will look forward to working with you.
  • It will increases your horse’s willingness to perform.
  • It will make learning fun for both the horse and for you.
  • Will improve your results in Show Ring, on the Trail or at Home
  • You’ll be able to teach your horse complicated tasks easily

Now You Can
Learn from the privacy of your own home.
No traveling or sending your horse off to a trainer.
It can be used with any horse no matter the age

Learn how to do this in the TLC Foundation course. In six short weeks you will learn how to connect with your horse on a deeper level which will strengthen the trust and relationship between you and your horse. For more information go to the course page.