Get Results With Your Horse

How To Communicate So Your Horse Will Listen


You love and enjoy your horse but find yourself struggling…

  • Getting your horse into the trailer is a challenge
  • Your spooky horse is zapping your confidence
  • Catching your horse is frustrating



Maybe you’ve participated in clinics only to be left discouraged by the lack of personal attention from the clinician.

You may have taken your horse to a professional trainer, but you’re still confused trying to apply all the information you’ve learned after getting your horse back.

Perhaps watching videos have helped, but you still have many unanswered questions.


I have the answer…
If you want to create a calm, and confident horse, I’ve got you covered.

If developing a deeper bond with your horse is something you desire, let me help.

If your goal is to get your horse working in harmony with you instead of leaving you frustrated and wanting to pull your hair out, you’ve found a friend. A friend who can show you how to get the results you desire without using force, fear or intimidation.


How To Communicate So Your Horse Will Listen is all about Freedom

  • Freedom from Frustration that often occurs when you can’t get your horse to cooperate…
  • Freedom to truly enjoy your horse and the time you spend together…
  • Freedom to pursue your equestrian dreams and goals with a willing and cooperative partner.

This isn’t a fantasy… it really can happen!


 Why Should You Work With Kim Wende?

Kim Wende with ICI have over 40 years of experience working with horses and have been very successfully at equipping owners with the knowledge and skills needed to advance in their horsemanship capabilities and confidence. 

I care about you and your horse’s success. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing I can teach you how to achieve true connection and harmony with your horse like I have enjoyed with mine.


Who Is This For:

This course is for anyone who is interested in learning how to use positive reinforcement to increase communication, connection and collaboration with their horse.

Positive Reinforcement is perfect for beginners. It’s also an excellent addition to the tool kit of more experienced horse owners who want to achieve better results with their current training methods.

This Six Week home study course is designed to provide you with a step-by-step approach that will help you get results using positive reinforcement either as a primary tool or as an enhancement to your current method of training. Used correctly, positive reinforcement is like fine tuning your communication skills and nothing will do more for your horsemanship than communicating with your horse in a clear and effective way. This course shows you how!


Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the course:

Module #1 – Getting Started and Being Effective Using Positive Reinforcement
In this module you’ll learn what positive reinforcement is and how to use it effectively with your horse. You’ll also learn the most important things you must do in order to be successful with your horse… it will make a huge difference.

Module #2 – Laying the Foundation for Acceptance and Trust
In this module you’ll learn how to teach your horse to lower his/her head into the halter. You’ll also learn why it’s important to be able to touch your horse all over. Being able to touch them all over is laying the foundation for acceptance and trust.

Module #3 – Let’s Go Walking
In this module you’ll learn how to get your horse to easily walk beside you and match your cadence with slack in the lead.

Module #4 – Communication & Confidence
In this module you’ll develop two-way communication with your horse, and learn how to build or improve your horse’s confidence as well as your own.

Module #5 – Backing with Ease
In this module you’ll learn how to get your horse to back easily with slack in the lead – no tugging or pushing required.

Module #6 – Bridge Work
In this module you’ll learn how to get your horse to step on and go over the bridge. Bridge work builds confidence and helps to prepare them for trailer loading.


The ‘How To Communicate So Your Horse Will Listen’ course is a fun and informative basic six week course. This course is the foundation for understanding how to effectively use positive reinforcement training with your horse.  

Positive reinforcement training is a very powerful communication method that will motivate your horse without having to resort to methods that escalate pressure and cause resistance.  You can have a horse that actively and willingly participates in the learning process. This approach is a method you and your horse will both understand and enjoy.


Course Format

The course is 6 weeks in length, and includes video lessons and PDF files designed to help you fully understand how to apply what you learn. Each lesson has a homework assignment so you can practice the skills and get the most from the course content.



 guarantee14 Day Money Back Guarantee: 

I want you to be totally satisfied with the “How To Communicate So Your Horse Will Listen” course. If after 14 days you’ve done all the action steps in each of the videos and completed all of the homework, but, don’t believe the course has benefited you by increasing your knowledge and horsemanship skills, I will refund your money. Send me an email documenting your work and why you believe the course has not been of any value to you. I will respond as quickly as possible.


Are  you  ready  to  gain  confidence, experience a willing and cooperative partnership with your horse, and improve your horsemanship skills?

Imagine being able to save time and teach your horse in a brief period of time.

Imagine your horse catching you and looking forward to working with you.

Imagine being able to communicate in a clear language that your horse understands.

All of this is within your reach. And now you can get the help you need from the privacy of your own home.


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